Triathlon Digital Discovery Program

We believe in nurturing athletes of all backgrounds to enjoy the sport regardless. This is our way of addressing the myriad social challenges associated with a rapidly-growing world. We came up with an easy-to-follow 10-week Triathlon Digital Discovery Program! This program is suitable for beginners to complete their first Sprint-Distance Triathlon (750m swim, 20km cycle, and 5km run) within 10-weeks.

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10-week Triathlon Digital Discovery Program

The schedule takes the participant up to 5 training sessions a week with a total of no more than 8 hours weekly. The program consists of 2 swims, 1 cycle, 1 run, and 1 brick session. Participants should swim continuously without aid for 400m and have access to a safe and usable bicycle and helmet as a prerequisite for entry into this program. In addition, participants should have the minimum fitness to complete 5km of running or jogging.

This program requires a maximum of 4 hours of training commitment a week designed for Swims on Monday and Friday, Cycling on Tuesday, Running on Thursday and, a Brick on Sunday.

Should you require a more personalised data-driven approach focused on you to improve your quality of training, please visit here. Or should you have any nagging injuries or limitations that you can and you feel do better but do not know how, book a consultation with us today! Please find our analysis, correction, and prehab solutions here.

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Your coach: Lee Eugene
BSc Sport Science,
Accredited World Triathlon Level 2 Coach & Facilitator
Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach (NSCA)
Youth Olympic 2014 & SEA Games 2015, 2019 Coach