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10 Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Upcoming Triathlon Race

Whether you are newbie to multisport or a seasoned triathlete, this 10 tips will help you prepare for your upcoming race.

Improving athletes’ pace as a coach.

Salah satu cara yang bisa digunakan pelatih untuk meningkatkan pace atletnya.Jika kita tidak mampu berlari secepat atau melebihi atlet kita, maka pandu kecepatan atlet kita menggunakan sepeda. 1. Pastikan sepeda yang digunakan sesuai dan menggunakan perangkat keselamatan bersepeda,2. Pastikan sepeda dalam keadaan bersih agar tidak ada batu atau kotoran lainnya yang bisa mengganggu atau membahayakan…
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Difference Between Running & Jogging

RUNNING 101 Running & Jogging like such a natural, god given right. No one teaches you how to do it as we grow up. However, as we grow up and things other than play take over our lives, we unknowingly lose a lot of that intuitive knowledge. In this series, we explore what you need…
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How to Recover over the age of 40 – Part 2

I’ve noticed with our athletes over 40 and into their 60s have the ability to train incredibly hard. They have the power and endurance to keep up with their much younger self, but they pay the price afterward as their ability to recover has declined with age. How to Recover over the age of 40 is part two…
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Strength training usually gets a back seat with runners, where the priority of embracing volume takes precedence over everything else. In this 5-part series, we look at how strength training and specific conditioning can benefit runners of all levels.—▶️ Forces Acting on the Body:.Running 🏃‍♀️ is a unilateral movement – one leg at a time…
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