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Lower back pain part 2!

If you still need more help with your lower back, this post is for you! Alternatively, you can find out more about our services here! If you are suffering from lower back tightness, discomfort, pain from running and cycling, the problem may not be from your lower back itself. Your hips consist of a complex…
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Low Back Pain 🏃‍♂️🤏?

Do you suffer from low back pain from running or cycling?  Low back pain is one of the most common issues our Feed Coaches are asked about. It can be tricky to solve, but there is one universal truth that almost every runner or cyclists with low back pain has hip flexors/psoas that are too tight. As a result every stride or pedal…
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Foam Roll Like a Pro.

A few weeks ago, I discovered I was using my foam roller all wrong. I was rolling out my muscles like a baking pin roller, up and down, back and forth on my legs and back. While it is called a “roller”, rolling isn’t the ideal way to use it. After watching a number of…
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