Hybrid Run Training Programs

The Perfect Blend Of Digitalisation & Personal Touch

Priced at S$80, all athletes receive a monthly training program and one coached session every week on Monday(Singapore only). There will be no penalties for missed sessions or anything as we know everyone has their own commitments be it family or work.

Backed by Singapore Sports Council, we are focused on integrating a hybrid style (digital and physical) of training/coaching made affordable for the masses without compromising the efficiency of our training program. Our programs are targeted at everyone at all skill levels and above to reach their fullest potential in sports and fitness. We have worked with multiple clients to improve their running performance through bespoke quality coaching that is cost and time-effective.

Our concept that has been implemented since 2018 has just been accelerated and made affordable and we want you to be a part of it!

All sign-ups will receive membership benefits and exclusive discounts from our partners. Ready to improve on your run? Look no further!

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Your coach: Lee Eugene
BSc Sport Science Management,
World Triathlon Facilitator
World Triathlon Level 2
World Athletics Level 1
Australia Athletics Level 2

National coach for Triathlon 2014 Youth Olympic Games, 2014-2019 Southeast Asian Games.
National coach for Athletics 2012 Youth Southeast Asian Games.