Masters swim training

With our foray into triathlon around the region and achieving huge results, we decided to educate the masses in swimming as well. Led by our coaches Kiat Xuan and Shuwie, both are guided by international mentor and Coach, Mr. Eugene Lee CSCS CPT, Masters Swim Training allows competent swimmers to fine-tune their strokes and improve personal timings.

This program is open for all people at any age and abilities. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, classes are capped at a maximum of 2 swimmers per lane.

You’ll learn important swimming skills and techniques to make you swim in the pool or open water faster. We focus on different aspects that are important to improving your overall swimming abilities holistically.

The program is structured using every swimmer’s individual threshold pace (CSS). All the swim sets cover the key elements but each session has a specific focus determined by the coach on deck and the race season.

“All it takes is the first plunge with us. That’s when you Breakaway” .

Coach Kiat Xuan
LessonTime ($25/hour)Location
WednesdayStroke Correction & Drills5pm-6pmSengKang Swimming Complex
ThursdayTechnique Endurance7.45pm-9.45pm (1Hour slots)Methodist Girls School

*1-1 and small group classes are available upon request as well.

Welcome to the Breakaway. Contact us for more details on exclusive rates. Or email:

Your coach: Kiat Xuan
BSc Sport Science Management, ASCA Level 2, SG Coach Level 1

Former swimmer, selected for Pentathlon at SEA Games 2019

Your coach: Shuwie
BSc Sport Science Management (Distinction),
World Triathlon Level 1 (Triathlon)
ISCO Gebiomized Level 1 & 2 (Bike fit)
ASCA level 1 (Strength & Conditioning)