Fastest times and statistics from our members and walk-ins! Prizes will be given away year-end during out AGM!

*Timings are taken on-site under the supervision of our coach.


2021 Fastest 50m Freestyle (Female): Regine Goh (27 seconds)

2021 Fastest 50m Freestyle (Male): Raphael Chau (24 seconds)

2021 Fastest 400m Freestyle (Female): Regine Goh (5mins 15 seconds)

2021 Fastest 400m Freestyle (Male): Raphael Chau (5mins)


2021 Highest FTP (Female): Shuwie Chang (180Watts 3.4 P/W)

2021 Highest FTP (Male): Tan Jia Hao (256 Watts 3.71 P/W)


2021 Fastest 888m (Female): Regine Goh (3m 17s)

2021 Fastest 888m (Male): Crispin Hu (2m 41s)

Breakaway Challenge:

July Fastest (Female): Herlene Yu (Sprint distance Time Trial)

July Fastest (Male): Hoo Fang Yu (Sprint distance Time Trial)

August Fastest (Female): Tisya Khanna (Bike-Run Transition)

August Fastest (Male): Cedric Chua (Bike-Run Transition)

September Fastest (Female): Neo Yibin-5km, Ivy Li-3km, Tisya Khanna-1.5km (Run Time Trial)

September Fastest (Male): Cedric Chua-5km, Pierre-Eliott-3km, Crispin-1.5km (Run Time Trial)

October Fastest (Female): Regine Goh (Swim-Run Time Trial)

October Fastest (Male): Cedric Chua (Swim-Run Time Trial)

November Fastest (Female): Regine Goh (Mini Swim-Bike-Run Time Trial)

November Fastest (Male): Sean Patrick (Mini Swim-Bike-Run Time Trial)

Breakaway Challenge Overall winner 2021:
(Most challenges won)

Female: Current Overal Leader – Tisya Khanna (2 Wins), Regine Goh (2 Wins)

Male: Current Overal Leader – Cedric Chua (2 Wins)

Best Improved Athlete 2021: