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🔥STRENGTH & RUNNING: GET IT RIGHT✔️- Part II Focus on the Quality of Movement ☑️ as a priority versus everything else i.e. repetitions, time etc.—▶️Training the Core for Strength – Dead Bug 🐞:.1️⃣ Lie on your back and ensure that your hips are tilted posteriorly, achieve this by flushing your lower back flat on the…
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Strength training usually gets a back seat with runners, where the priority of embracing volume takes precedence over everything else. In this 5-part series, we look at how strength training and specific conditioning can benefit runners of all levels.—▶️ Forces Acting on the Body:.Running 🏃‍♀️ is a unilateral movement – one leg at a time…
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Being in the zone

Imagine… you’re in the middle of a race when suddenly time stands still and everything clicks… Your pain and exhaustion melt away. Your breath becomes effortless and your muscles fully charged. Like a laser beam, you’re singularly focused and immersed in the task at hand. Your body is a literal machine, ready and able to do exactly as you command it with…
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Open Water Training Tips

Unlike swimming along a black line in pristine waters at a pool, swimming in the open water has its own unique demands that require skill practice too. These skills can include but are not limited to: swimming in a straight line sighting/navigation dive/plunge/deep water starts swimming in a group and jostling for position turning around…
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Quality cycling workouts in the new normal

We should be thankful that we are still allowed riding outdoors, but rather than spend mindless hours riding around your neighbourhood, here are some ideas that you can try to add quality to your workouts: Alternate the types of sessions that you do. If it’s possible, include a variety of sessions working the entire spectrum…
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Swimming on land!

We get that some of you might have increasing concerns about swimming, or rather, the lack thereof during this period. Whilst we can’t do anything about the current pool situation, there are other ways to help you along till pool time resumes. Here are some ideas. Usage of resistance bands or stretch cords to work…
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