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Nutrition for the multisport athlete.

This week, we’ll be touching on something a little different, as Fairuz have requested- Nutrition.*Note: I must first say that I’m not a sports nutritionist by trade (but I do know one, so let me know if you want to link up), but there are some general checklist that I am happy to help with.…
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How to Recover over the age of 40 – Part 2

I’ve noticed with our athletes over 40 and into their 60s have the ability to train incredibly hard. They have the power and endurance to keep up with their much younger self, but they pay the price afterward as their ability to recover has declined with age. How to Recover over the age of 40 is part two…
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How to Recover over the age of 40 – Part 1

Over 40 you can keep getting fitter and stronger when you counteract what is happening with our body as we age. Below is Part 1 of my recipe for being the best athlete you can be over the age of 40. The primary focus of the anti-aging medical community these days is the steady and…
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Creatine for 💪 and 🧠

If you’re looking for a way to take your workouts to the next level, Momentous Performance Creatine can help! Creatine is a type of amino acid that plays an important role in energy production and power output. Even more importantly, it helps to recycle ATP, which is used as a main source of fuel by…
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Coffee talks! Low carbs and Caffeine

Let’s talk about Caffeine Caffeine is your friend. Many athletes are surprised to hear that caffeine doesn’t have the fall-off, or “bonking” type effect as simple sugars, so you don’t need to worry about maintaining caffeine nearly as much as Quick Energy. It reaches a peak level after 45 minutes from consumption and then is about 50% effective…
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🔋Gels or ⚡️Chews and how to use them like a pro

A few years ago I was about to start a 130-mile ride down the coast of California as part of multi-day San Francisco to San Diego charity event. For many of the participants, this was a daunting athletic challenge. At the start, at 6 am I might add, I saw a number of people tear…
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