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Tour De France/ Olympic TT: How to go ⚡️fast💨 from the start.

Here is an insider look into how riders at Tour are fueling their time trial effort today. You can use the same steps for any training ride, run, or race where it is “go-time” from the start. Note: There also a ton of deals I’ve highlighted for you below that all end tomorrow with the Tour, so take advantage of them while you can today! 3…
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Club Breakaway Training Advisory

Club Breakaway Training Advisory (Updated 21 Jul 2021, 19:00) Greetings everyone, in view of Singapore returning to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) from 22 Jul to 18 Aug 2021, we will be modifying our club training sessions to meet the national Safe Management Measures (SMM). We appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation so that we can pull…
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Performance Measures and what they mean

Establishing the relationship between physiological attributes and athletic performance helps identifying the factors most closely related to success, and indeed, the percentage variance in performance explained by each attribute Consider the following example of two athletes; the white box indicates their VO2max. In effect, this sets the limit for their capability. The colored boxes indicate…
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Why Online Triathlon Coaching Now?

The COVID-19 pandemic has lasted for more than a year now, disrupting face-to-face coaching sessions since April 2020 till today. This pandemic is not going away anytime soon and even if there are some signs of normality, training with your squad or team mates is going to be pretty restricted due to safe distancing safety…
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Lower back pain part 2!

If you still need more help with your lower back, this post is for you! Alternatively, you can find out more about our services here! If you are suffering from lower back tightness, discomfort, pain from running and cycling, the problem may not be from your lower back itself. Your hips consist of a complex…
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Steal the secret pros are using to fuel long events

There is a massive change in how pro athletes competing in multi-hour events are fueling their workouts. For the first time, I’m going to share what they are doing and how you can use it in your workouts. I’m being asked more and more by our Feed Athletes how to fuel for ultra-long events, like Unbound Gravel, Leadville, Ultra Rounds, and…
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Low Back Pain 🏃‍♂️🤏?

Do you suffer from low back pain from running or cycling?  Low back pain is one of the most common issues our Feed Coaches are asked about. It can be tricky to solve, but there is one universal truth that almost every runner or cyclists with low back pain has hip flexors/psoas that are too tight. As a result every stride or pedal…
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Breakaway Triathlon Leads the Way

SINGAPORE (May 1, 2021) — Breakaway Triathlon Club, in Singapore launched today their phygital program, combining both physical and digital training sessions made available for local and global athletes of all levels with the goal to support them with a sustainable training environment during the pandemic period and beyond. Their initiative is a first for…
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KODA – Tried and tested.

In Breakaway, we always believe in an athletes-first approach. This was no exception when some of our athletes were asked to organically test and review a trusted Australian brand called KODA Nutrition by their authorized Singapore distributor. We were given the opportunity of testing some of the world’s finest gels and there was no better…
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