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Formerly the domain of elite athletes, we’ve made our services friendly and accessible to everyone. If you want to accelerate performance, improve health or stop the nagging pain of yours, you’ve come to the right place.

Our bespoke services branch into two different yet similar categories with the ultimate goal for both to improve your wellbeing holistically or to improve athletic performance. The services include technical analysis and movement screening for various sports.

Your journey starts with a consultation with us before we dive deeper into a product that will fit. Or if you feel a certain service will help better, let us know and we will solve your problem for you.

Technical analysis consists of videos of you in action in your sport and is analysed by our coaches and you. We will then give you drills and workouts to correct your technique

Athlete movement screening is where we do mobility and flexibility tests on you to find out where is the limitation that is holding your body back from achieving the best of your ability as we week to unlock new heights within you that you never knew existed.

“I’ve never felt better, I finally have a whole new range of abilities and I can go faster with less pain” .

Crispin Hu, Breakaway athlete.
ServicePrice (1hour per session)DetailsRemarks
ConsultationGeneral ConsultationS$80Consultation to gauge what level of athlete you are and the services you might need. Includes basic tests and Q&A.Via Zoom or on-site.
TestFTP – BikeS$120To find your functional threshold power for data-driven trainings.
Technical AnalysisSwim or RunS$450 for 3 sessions


S$180 for one session
Includes video analysis and stroke correction drills.
1 to 1 sessionsSwim or RunS$120 -1
S$500 – 5
Bespoke training session with an experienced coach
Athlete Movement ScreeningSwim, Bike or Run.S$150Includes photo analysis and exercises to improve flexibility and mobility.
Strength & ConditioningGeneral S&C for sportS$120Bulletproofing your body for the season ahead.
We’re based at Apex@Henderson #03-11 Singapore 159545 and is open by appointment only on weekdays and Saturday. 11am-6pm
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We’re based at Apex@Henderson #03-11 Singapore 159545 and is open by appointment only. 11am-5pm

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