Championing Sports For All

Our corporate social responsibility

Being the best triathlon club in Singapore, our vision and mission is to bring together like-minded athletes across the different abilities and to grow the sport nationally through best practices, legislation and leadership.

With that said, we believe in nurturing athletes of all backgrounds to enjoy the sport regardless. This is our way of addressing the myriad social challenges associated with a rapidly-growing world. In developing commercially sustainable solutions, us as a non-profit organisation, we provide jobs and opportunities to the disadvantaged and marginalised.

Singapore and across the region

Collaboration with various partners is crucial in helping athletes and coaches develop and grow. To this end, we invest in multiple programs across the region, especially those that bring athletes, coaches, and corporations together to increase consciousness of the challenges faced by sport itself and to provide support for their causes we believe in.

We strongly believe that the future of sport is in being a force for good. This is why we are nurturing and supporting athletes and coaches across the region by generating sustainable jobs and creating innovative solutions(clinics/workshops) to address problems with sports in the region. – Yizhong Aw, Co-founder, Breakaway

We’re the first in the region to have community clinics, workshops and keynote presentations for everyone of any abilities to introduce them to safe practices of the sport. We’re also the first in the region to have a CSR component in a triathlon/ multisport team. We have to date supported and engaged more than 100 athletes locally and internationally. We strive to support and engage athletes each coming day.

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