Training to be successful in Triathlon

Training to be successful in Triathlon

There is more than meets the eye when training to be successful in triathlon. Here are some pointers that you should take a look at.

  • A high level of aerobic power (vo2 max)
  • A high percentage of their ventilatory threshold relative to VO2max (%VO2max).
  • The ability to sustain a high rate of energy expenditure for prolonged periods.
  • Good economy of movement
  • The ability to use high rates of fat oxidation at race intensities for long-distance events
  • The ability to move efficiently at race paces even in a state of fatigue (efficient economy of movement)
  • Sufficient anaerobic work capacity to initiate or respond to any changes of intensity.
  • The ability to maintain focus and push through perceived discomfort (Psychology).
  • The ability to adapt to environmental conditions (e.g. heat and cold stress, altitude).
  • Robustness; resilient to injury and illness.

If you want to dive into detail, let us know which topic do you want to find out more.

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Article written by the Breakaway Coaching team: @shuwiechang

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