Training over 40: Do you need a multi-vitamin?

Training over 40: Do you need a multi-vitamin?

One of the most common questions from Feed Athletes is whether they need to take a multi-vitamin. Typically the questions go along the lines of “I eat a healthy and diverse diet, so shouldn’t I be getting all the nutrients I need?”.

Yes, a nutrient-rich diet is essential, and it might cover all your needs. However, in my experience, when you are training, you will still have times where your energy needs will outpace your nutrient input. This is where a multi-vitamin is enormously helpful in supporting your training. 

I think of a multi-vitamin as an insurance policy. It makes sure that any nutrient gaps I have in my diet are covered. For example, one month, I might be low on Vitamin D, the next month, it might be B12 or Iron. A high-quality multi-vitamin keeps me optimal.

What does “optimal” feel like? For me, it is more energy day-to-day. When I feel like I’m dragging in the afternoon, that is not optimal. When I feel like I get to the end of the workday and I skip the workout as I’m too tired, that is not optimal. 

A final word on Multi-Vitamins as an insurance policy for your training. 

You are putting in countless hours of training, and if you are deficient in a vital nutrient, this will be your weakest link. As a result, you won’t recover as fast, produce as much energy (i.e., ATP) as you need, and worse case, you will get sick at the most inopportune time (i.e., going into a big event).

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