Tour De France/ Olympic TT: How to go ⚡️fast💨 from the start.

Tour De France/ Olympic TT: How to go ⚡️fast💨 from the start.

Here is an insider look into how riders at Tour are fueling their time trial effort today. You can use the same steps for any training ride, run, or race where it is “go-time” from the start.

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3 Hours Before
Riders will be having their primary meal of something straightforward to digest yet provides slow-burning energy and is carb-focused. Rice, Oatmeal, or Pasta have been the historical choices

1 Hour Before
Now is the window to be boosting Nitric Oxide Levels. It is also a great time to take on 200mg of caffeine.

30 Minutes Before
Riders want to do what they can to buffer lactate acid, and nothing is better than Sodium Bicarbonate. While some riders will still be drinking it, most will rub on their legs 30 minutes prior. Most riders will then wipe it off right before starting as the Sodium Bicarbonate will be fully absorbed by this point.

15 Minutes Before
Time to make sure you are fully stocked up on glycogen and time to suck down a gel, going caffeinated right now is also a great idea. 

Riders may have an additional Gel during the first 30 minutes of the time trial. After that, they may also sip their bottle, but likely as little as possible due to the short duration of the time trial and not wanting to break their aero position.

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