Why Online Triathlon Coaching Now?

Why Online Triathlon Coaching Now?

The COVID-19 pandemic has lasted for more than a year now, disrupting face-to-face coaching sessions since April 2020 till today. This pandemic is not going away anytime soon and even if there are some signs of normality, training with your squad or team mates is going to be pretty restricted due to safe distancing safety measures and the given circumstances.   

Here are 6 reasons for why you should be considering online triathlon coaching as a solution to endurance training needs.

Designed for You

Working with a triathlon coach online enables you to have a customized training program delivered onto your phone or any preferred electronic device. Programs developed by your coach will provide you with the necessary and specific training parameters for you to train effectively. This can include but is not limited to, highlighting the specific training zones you are supposedly to stay within to reap improvements. The workouts are created around your life, not others!


As abrupt as how the situation of the pandemic can change very quickly on a weekly basis, changes in your lives similarly do. The benefits of having online coaching can open up options fit slight changes in your existing program, without the worries of being bounded by the integrity of a training squad at a particular schedule and location.   

Data Analysis and Metrics

There is no more guess work and self-interpretation of your training data from your training sessions as your coach will now be able to provide a meaningful integration of your training data into effective planning for your subsequent workouts. Working with a coach online using software apps like TrainingPeaks can provide you with a visual appreciation and analysis on how your training is progressing, on top of managing your training load utilizing metrics and overall well-being.

Motivation and Accountability

Due to the nature of the sport, many triathletes find it difficult to maintain motivation over the course of a long training program. However, when motivation takes a dip, having a coach in contact can assist you to be accountable to you holding on to stay on track. This invaluable presence can help manage those of you training through a roller coaster of motivation and energy levels to keep your focus especially on days when you do not feel like training.

Enhanced Communication

Online triathlon coaching will also give you consistent access to be able to check-in with your coach through the various messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal. This can be on top of weekly scheduled emails or even a call, to establish your provide feedback to your respective coaches using reporting tools and graphs to provide a more holistic analysis and discussion platform for your training and performances.

No Boarders

Regardless of where you are staying, once you have found a compatible triathlon coach, you are able to gain excess to professional coaching expertise that is not limited by any geographical boundaries. Gone are the days where you have to wait for a long time to seek advice, options and feedback from a coach. In today’s modern context, it’s as simple as a text message, email or call away.

Here at Breakaway Triathlon Club, online triathlon coaching has been the key staples for many of the club athletes, which has grown by 3-fold since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Athletes training online also have the option to come together twice a week as a team on Zwift where they pitch against one another on the online virtual ride platform that enable all our athletes to experience esprit de corps twice a week during this very challenging period without compromising public health and safety.

Take action and adapt yourself in the new norm and continue to work towards your aspirations and improving on your fitness and performance as we gradually move into seeing our sport coming back.

Reach out to us and speak to one of our amazing coaches and gauge if online triathlon coaching is the way to go for you. Email info@breakawaytriathlon.com and we will get back to you the best solution for your needs!

Article written by the Breakaway coaching team. @eugeneleecoaching @shuwiechang

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