KODA – Tried and tested.

KODA – Tried and tested.

In Breakaway, we always believe in an athletes-first approach. This was no exception when some of our athletes were asked to organically test and review a trusted Australian brand called KODA Nutrition by their authorized Singapore distributor.

We were given the opportunity of testing some of the world’s finest gels and there was no better time to test it than weeks leading up to the season.

For those of you who are looking to understand more on nutrition topics, KODA Nutrition is an Australian-owned company that has been serving the needs of dedicated athletes (Craig Alexander, Milly Clark, Harriet Brown, Felicity Sheedy- Ryan, Max Purcell, Daniel Sanders to name a few) since 1995 by manufacturing premium Sports Nutrition including gels, bars, electrolytes, and 100% Whey Protein Powder. KODA Energy Gels are a carbohydrate food in a semi-fluid, liquid gel form that can provide a high energy component in a small volume.

Some of our A team and D squad members had the chance to test the gels during training and races. Some of the flavors we tested were non-caffeinated Berry Banana, Wild Berry, Cola, and caffeinated Green Plum and Cola Vanilla, and here is what they got to say about it.


Gels: the Gels work much better when you are more warmed up as it helps get the energy to pump faster.  Although, need to be cautious of the adrenaline rush before the race. The best for me is during mid of a tough training or races, I would pop a gel to feel the extra energy boost

Whey Protein Isolate: Nice flavor to the protein shake and doesn’t make me feel bloated as well compared to other protein shakes I have taken.


It is easy to stomach, doesn’t make me feel bloated after consumption, unlike other brands. Gives me extra energy. The caffeine one got a bit more of a burst than the no caffeine one.

Fang Yu

Gels: The caffeinated ones are too strong for my liking, but the other non-caffeinated ones were amazing.

Aaron Kiss


I prefer the non-caffeinated ones especially Berry Banna and the Wild Berry flavors. The gels were amazing as it really does give you a boost in your training.


The gels were amazing both caffeinated ones and non-caffeinated ones. It actually gives me a boost. But playing with the timing of it is very important. 

Luke Chua

I need more gels!

Nicholas Rachmadi

The gels were amazing and I am starting out with protein powder. 

Timothy Ting

The gels gave me a boost during the race and it kicked in when I needed it. The boost can be felt!

Although we have mix reviews on them as different athletes react differently to types of nutrition, we hope to see how can we have some marginal benefits from having KODA compliment Breakaway!

Stay tuned for more!

Article by the Breakaway Coaching team.

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