How to Recover over the age of 40 – Part 1

How to Recover over the age of 40 – Part 1

Over 40 you can keep getting fitter and stronger when you counteract what is happening with our body as we age. Below is Part 1 of my recipe for being the best athlete you can be over the age of 40.

The primary focus of the anti-aging medical community these days is the steady and continuous decline of energy-producing potential in our cells. This is even more important for athletes looking to maintain their training as they age. 

The best correlation between age and energy they have found is the decline of NAD+ levels (a key energy precursor) that steadily declines during aging. By the time we are middle-aged, our levels of NAD+ have fallen to half of youthful levels.

What if we can use NAD+ supplements to get back some of this decline?
Will additional NAD+ help us keep training and be as fit as we can be?

In my experience, the answer to both appears to be YES.

In my own usage of NAD supplements, I have noticed a measurable ability to train longer and maintain higher training levels week to week without burning out.

The impact is subtle, you are not going to take a NAD supplement and then be jumping out of bed the next day. But after making NAD supplementation a part of my daily routine, I’ve noticed that I can keep my training levels much higher day to day and week to week.

I’ll admit I haven’t always kept up my NAD supplementation and this weekend I looked back at my training in Apple Health and my Whoop and whenever I’ve stopped my supplementation my training is inconsistent. I’ll have one good day of training, and then 2 or 3 days where I didn’t really get the training done that I wanted. When I’m on a daily routine of NAD supplementation I see that I consistently put in 4 or 5 really good workouts per week.

I realize this by no means a scientific study, but it has convinced me that daily NAD supplementation is a key for my ability to keep training at my optimal (and desired) level over the age of 40.

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Article written by: Matt – The Feed.

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