Singapore International Triathlon

Singapore International Triathlon

We had our soft launch of Club Breakaway a year ago with only three athletes participating in one event securing two podium spots. Striving to be the best triathlon club in the region in the years to come.

This year, we had 13 athletes spanning 6 events securing 7 podium spots, a huge team of 20 supporters including family and friends. This year, we can officially say we are the premier triathlon club in Singapore.

🥇Zacharias LOW (18-24 Olympic Dist.)⠀
🥇Alfred LUA (25-29 Olympic Dist.)⠀
🥇TAN Jia Hao (18-29 Sprint Dist.)⠀
🥇Luke CHUA (ELITE Super-Sprint)⠀
🥇Zaki ZAKI (18-39 Mini Dist.)⠀
🥈Cedric CHUA (ELITE Super-Sprint)⠀
🥉Aaron LEE (ELITE Olympic Dist.)⠀

Its been a long way from a small breakaway to a huge one spanning three countries. Many of you have inquired and are still sitting on the fence on whether to join the club.

We currently have our weekly training runs/rides, a development squad and online training programs to offer.

Stay tuned as we kick start the 1:1 personalised training sessions and the resurrection of our clinics (we may change it to stroke correction classes due to demand)

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